The Story of the Sandwich

As some of you may know, next week is British Sandwich Week, seven days to celebrate a beloved lunchtime treat. From baguettes and baps to flatbreads and wraps, we are taking you on a whistle-stop tour of the story of the sandwich, ahead of the big event itself.

The iconic lunchtime snack was popularised in England in 1762 by John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Legend has it that Montagu was a bit of a gambler, and after one particularly long session at the cards table, he asked the house cook to bring him something he could eat without getting up from his seat. What followed was a savoury snack of sliced meat between two pieces of toast and from that, the sandwich was born.

Although we can thank Montagu’s chef for coming up with the goods, so to speak, sandwiches have changed drastically over the years and vary from country to country. Here are a couple from Eastern Europe to Latin America:

  • Turkey, The Donor Kebab – The Donor Kebab is a national favourite in Turkey, usually filled with shavings of lamb, vegetables and yoghurts, wrapped in a thin, flavoursome bread.
  •  Mexico, the Cemita A loved favourite, what makes the sandwich so special is the egg dough bun that is usually topped with sesame seeds, giving the appearance of a traditional burger but the texture is very different. The filling is usually a scrumptious combination of fried beef, avocado and cheese. Sounds delicious, right?

It’s not surprising that sandwiches have taken off across the world as they are so easy to eat and prepare. At B Sow Healthy, we are set on making sandwiches super special through the produce that we grow at our site in West Yorkshire. From peppery salad cress, that adds a spicy kick to a traditional egg sandwich, crisp pea shoots that add a flavourful crunch, right through to our microgreens that add a burst of flavour to your favourite combinations, we have it covered.

For inspiration, check out a few of our favourite sandwich recipes below, or head over to the recipes section for more. 

We hope you enjoy them and remember, if you make any of our recipes or use our products we would love to see them, just tag us on Instagram at b_sowhealthy.