Savoury Party Bites with Pea Shoots and Salad Cress

You Will Need

  • Crostini toasts made from ciabatta style bread cut into slices
  • A tin style loaf, white or brown, cut into triangles
  • Olive oil
  • Chopped fresh herbs or crushed garlic – optional

For the toppings

  • 35g pea shoots
  • 1 – 2 punnets salad cress
  • Cream cheese, avocado slices, cooked prawns seasoned with paprika and topped with salad cress
  • Blue cheese slices, topped with thin fresh fig wedges and sprinkled with salad cress
  • Crumbled feta, topped with pea shoots and sun blush tomatoes
  • Cream cheese and pea shoots, topped with thin smoked salmon slices
  • Avocado mashed with lemon and freshly ground black pepper, topped with crayfish tails and a lovely dollop of Greek yogurt with a spoonful of chopped salad cress.
  • Beetroot houmous or dip topped with crumbled blue cheese and pea shoots
  • Creamy goat’s cheese with chargrilled antipasti artichokes topped with salad cress
  • Coarse Ardennes style pate topped with redcurrants and pea shoots
  • Houmous (flavoured or natural) topped with herbs, olive oil, olives and salad cress


Wow your guests with these easy-to-make yet super scrumptious party nibbles. Add a little finesse with some flavoursome salad cress and pea shoots to give them a yummy finishing touch. Perfect for parties or indulge in a little weekend treat with these bite-sized tasty treats.


  1. Place the bread slices and triangles on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil and a few chopped herbs or crushed garlic if using.

  2. Place in a pre-heated oven 180°C until toasted, approximately 8 – 10 minutes, remove from oven and cool.

  3. Top with the suggested toppings and drizzle with a little more olive oil if desired and extra salad cress and pea shoots to garnish. Best served within a couple of hours.

Prep time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy 
Serves: As desired