Introducing B Sow Healthy

Welcome to our brand new website and B Sow Healthy blog. We are passionate about our produce and want to show you the versatility of our products.

Salad cress, in particular, has acquired a reputation as a garnish over the years and we want to quash these traditions! Its peppery taste makes it ideal for a number of dishes as an ingredient not a garnish – it tastes too good to be a decoration.

As it is still living when bought, salad cress is sure to be one of the freshest ingredients in your salad. While salad cress adds a flavoursome addition to a salad or egg sandwich, it can also be used in a number of other dishes for a tasty treat. From smoothies and soups to canapés and mash potato, this tiny little crop has a lot of flexibility! Check out our recipes page for some inspiration.

The purpose of our website and blog is to arm you with all the information on what to do with salad cress, mixed beans, microgreens and pea shoots, combined with a few facts on the health benefits behind them.

We are also committed to helping children understand the importance of healthy eating and how crops are grown, as well as providing ideas on how to successfully grow their own salad cress. Visit the Education Zone for more information and resources.

We will be regularly updating our website and social media channels with new recipes and step-by-step videos, along with general health benefits, tips and company news – so stay tuned!