Introducing B Sow Healthy Microgreens

After months of careful planning and preparation, we are thrilled to announce that our B Sow Healthy Microgreens are on shelves in selected Waitrose stores across the UK!

Adding a little extra flavour to your favourite dishes, even desserts, the microgreens are a fantastic addition to your regular shopping list.

The tiny crops are harvested as seedlings and have been found to contain up to 40 times higher levels of nutrients than their more mature counterparts. Not only are they full of flavour, they are also great for adding a splash of colour to your dishes, while remaining a super healthy choice for those who like to watch what they eat.

The microgreens are sold in individual punnets or a mixed triple pack and include purple radish, garlic chives, red mustard, pink radish, rocket and mixed mustard.

It’s safe to say, these little beauties may be micro in size but they are certainly massive in flavour. For inspiration on how to use B Sow Healthy microgreens, head over to our recipes section, and check out the simple microgreens recipes we have developed especially for you.

Lots of you have already been sharing pictures of your punnets and the dishes you have created with us on Instagram, which we love! If you pick up a punnet, show us your culinary creations by tagging b_sowhealthy into your post. If we like what we see, our favourite dishes will be chosen, professionally shot and featured on our recipes page – accrediting you as the chef of course. Enjoy!