New Year, New You!

Eating healthy food can have a stigma of boring, tasteless meals that won’t fill you. We’re on a mission to prove this wrong! Salad cress, for example, is low calorie, nutritious and most importantly very tasty.

It is that time of year again where promises of a healthier, fitter you are going to take the lead for the forthcoming 12 months, making amends for the gluttonous, food-filled December.

January is the month where gym memberships soar and we find ourselves trying to find the latest diet crazes to lose a few inches – often forgotten about by February where your normal eating habits return.

Diet crazes are just that, a craze; the latest trend to take the market by storm and more often than not, extremely unsustainable long-term.

This January we want to champion healthy food that is not only good for you, but actually tastes great too! Speak to any dietician and they will agree that if you eat well and move more then you will see and feel the difference. 


However, there’s no need to completely deprive yourself of some of your favourite treats – if you do, you’ll soon be falling off the wagon and reaching for the biscuit tin. A little bit of what you fancy, in moderation, will help to keep you on track with your healthy eating.

The peppery flavour of salad cress gives many of your favourite dishes a delicious twist. This forgotten tiny crop has become known for being a garnish or the perfect partner in an egg sandwich. However, it is much more versatile than you might think. With nutritional benefits, such as vitamin C and folic acid, it really is the garnish you should have been eating all this time.

Sprinkle salad cress in a salad, on a sandwich or in a smoothie for an added kick. We will be regularly updating our recipes page with tasty new dishes that incorporate salad cress as well as our other products pea shoots, microgreens and mixed beans.

So this year, don’t be taken in by the latest diet fad. Enjoy your food, full of flavour, whilst fuelling your body with essential nutrients. And remember – a little treat now and then will help you to stay on track long-term!