February’s perfect partner: Beetroot

If you’ve been reading our blog for the past couple of months you will have come to realise we love singing from the rooftops about all things salad cress. Although these crisp, peppery little seedlings work well in lots of dishes, it sometimes helps to have inspiration and guidance on what to pair them with for the perfect meal or light snack. This month we’re turning our attention to beetroot, and showing you how to incorporate these two ingredients into a tasty, wholesome meal

Taking a look at the colourful vegetable’s impressive stats, beetroot is virtually fat free and low in calories with only 38kCals per 100g (raw). To add an extra string to its nutritional bow, beetroot is a rich source of powerful antioxidants and nutrients including magnesium, sodium, potassium, folic acid and vitamin C. Beets can also help to relax the mind due to their betaine content, which is also used in other forms to treat depression. With an impressive array of nourishing qualities, it’s safe to say that beautiful beets have a firm position at the top of the list of wholesome foods, and partnered with salad cress, the culinary options are endless.

In terms of taste, salad cress and beets work particularly well together. The distinctive red vegetable is known for its sweet and earthy flavour and is complemented by peppery tastes. As beetroot loves accompaniments with a subtle kick, introducing the peppery crunch of salad cress to a sweet beetroot dish is a match made in heaven!

The versatility of beetroot also makes creating dishes easy as it can be enjoyed in a variety of forms – raw, roasted or pickled. When combined with salad cress, the two flavours really complement each other, whether it be in a smoothie, salad or some tasty party nibbles with goat’s cheese, these two really are the perfect partners.

If you’re looking for beetroot and salad cress inspiration, head over to our recipes section and check out our dishes. We would love to hear what you’re making too – don’t forget to tag us in your posts on Instagram at @b_sowhealthy. Enjoy!