Salad cress in the curriculum

Salad cress is often used by schools to illustrate the process of seed germination and plant growth. In fact, salad cress growing is incorporated into the curriculum in schools to educate students on a range of topics.

As a result, we often receive enquiries from pupils and teachers about the way we grow salad cress at W.S. Bentley. Hopefully the education zone of our website will answer any questions you may have.

How are salads grown?

This is a great classroom activity which encourages children to explore different salad ingredients and understand the differences between where they are grown and how they are grown.

How to grow cress

We are passionate about growing salad cress and want to pass our knowledge and experience on to young growers. Here is our definitive guide for growing salad cress at home or in the classroom.

Design your own cress punnet label

This activity raises awareness of what a label is and why we need it. This can be used in conjunction with the growing salad cress exercise so children can create their own individual pack.

Contact us and let us know what resources may be helpful.