The best summer activity for kids and busy mums

We all remember the days of growing salad cress at school, checking the tiny shoots excitedly each morning for signs of little green flecks. Now the school holidays are here, it’s the perfect time to share this magic with your kids, while helping them to learn where food comes from. Not only that, this activity is quick, easy and kind on the purse strings!

Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. Take a trip – head out to the garden centre with your little one to buy some cress seeds. Letting your child choose the seeds themselves is an exciting step in the process!

  2. Time to sow – find a suitable container (a small yoghurt pot is perfect!) Wet some cotton wool and put it in the bottom of your container. Leave a 3cm gap between the cotton wool and the top of the container. Then, scatter the seeds over the cotton wool. Once the seeds are spread evenly, water them until the seeds are completely wet.
  1. Leave it to grow – place the pot in a warm part of your home that reaches temperatures of around 20 degrees, on your windowsill would be ideal. Then, cover the yoghurt pot with a piece of clear or white polythene and leave until the seeds are growing, then remove.

  2. Keep checking in – check the pot every day and water if the cotton wool is looking dry.

  3. Reap the rewards! – Leave the pot on the windowsill for a few days until the seedlings have grown up and out of the yoghurt pot. When ready, cut the salad cress, wash in cold water and enjoy! Now you have your very own crop, take a look at our recipes section to get inspired – our tasty Cheese and Salad Cress Muffins go down well with kids.

And, there you have it! In just five simple steps you have a fun yet simple activity to enjoy with your child – the perfect solution for busy mums.