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Designing your own label for a punnet of cress


To raise awareness of what a label is and why we need it. This can be used in conjunction with the growing cress exercise so children can create their own individual pack.

1. Start by asking the children what they think should be on a label

  • What the product is
  • Picture
  • Description
  • Display Until - how long it is saleable or before it should be eaten date.
  • Ingredients - what it is made of.
  • Price
  • Bar code
  • Name of grower
  • Specialist information about product - one of your five a day, Red Tractor, etc.

2. List of equipment

  • Paper - may be coloured
  • Scissors
  • Crayons and pencils
  • Glue

3. Get the children to cut out a shape to fit their container

4. Think about the design and layout.

5. Think of ways to describe the product - draw a picture.


  1. Cut out a label shape to fit your container.
  2. Be creative and design the label with the information you’ve thought about.
  3. Use a many colours as you like.
  4. Design a picture for the label.
  5. Think about the space everything takes.
  6. Glue to your container.